Alliance Mineral Assets

13 Sep 2017 14:49 #24042 by BNN
BNN replied the topic: Alliance Mineral Assets
AMAL and Tawana have signed an agreement with Burwill Holdings whereby Burwill will purchase at least US$200 million worth of lithium concentrate from the mine. Burwill has agreed also to prepayments before even the first shipment takes place in March 2018.

* First prepayment done in April: A$7.5 million.

* Second prepayment of A$8.75 million done on 15 July 2017

* Third and final prepayment: A$8.75 million on 15 Sept 2017.

This should happen on Friday, and will be announced over the weekend or on Monday (hopefully).

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20 Sep 2017 09:41 #24050 by Big Fish
Big Fish replied the topic: Alliance Mineral Assets
Tawana has just announced receipt of 3rd prepayment from Burwill.

But Alliance Mineral announced it is in nego with Burwill about the 3rd prepayment & "certain other terms of the offtake agreement".

Huh? What gives?

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21 Sep 2017 09:36 #24052 by Amataw
Amataw replied the topic: Alliance Mineral Assets
No idea why the 3rd prepayment is yet to be confirmed by AMA but ....this post in Australia is spot on -->

Forget the AMAL discussion, (40F on the SGX), the disaster with Jonathan Lim is very much in the past. Mr Lim is very good at making money so he isn't going to do anything to screw this up. If he sees TAW as the way to maximise his returns then he will bulldoze AMAL management out of the way(my opinion) .

TAW management is very much driving this beast now and they are hitting each milestone on time and it would seem on budget. It is crazy to thinking that this stock price is back where it was months ago when uncertainty was much higher. I am in the market buying at these prices.. Just look at the Top 20 and you see a lot of successful people.

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24 Sep 2017 21:29 - 24 Sep 2017 21:30 #24054 by Joes
Joes replied the topic: Alliance Mineral Assets
Burwill, the offtaker, announced a mystifying statement on Friday:
"The Company is negotiating with independent third parties in respect of the Company’s
shares issuance (including but not limited to issue of bonds, convertible bonds)."

According to some forum posts, Burwill is speculated to be interested to take a stake in AMA, and vice versa. It makes some sense : Burwill has a secure supply of lithium while AMA has exposure to downstream of the supply chain where the profit margins are very good.
Last Edit: 24 Sep 2017 21:30 by Joes.

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25 Sep 2017 19:19 #24056 by Amataw
Amataw replied the topic: Alliance Mineral Assets
Car industry revolution fuels Western Australia's lithium boom

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27 Sep 2017 10:00 #24057 by Joes
Joes replied the topic: Alliance Mineral Assets
It's a mystery why AMA has not announced receipt of prepayment No.3 from Burwill.

Could it be Burwill has ...cashflow issues?

Even so, this is now solved. Burwill's announcement this morning:

Burwill has raised US$20 m in a convertible bond offering. ///// "approximately HK$90,000,000 for up-stream lithium resources business which will be used for prepayment for supplies of lithium concentrates and for loans to lithium concentrates suppliers."

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